Why Plant in the Fall

Planting trees and shrubs is a great investment be-cause they provide shade in hot summer months and beauty to your landscape.

Trees, shrubs, and other woody plants will do better if planted in the fall because the warm soil and cooler air will allow the roots to become better established before the cold winter months approach. Shop for trees during the fall season and plant them soon after purchase. It’s best to have a preliminary landscaping plan before choosing your plants. Decide if you want color, shade, privacy or a combination of all these functions.

Planting is easy! First pick the spot. Fully grown trees need a lot of space. Consider the type of tree and plant in an area that will accommodate its mature size.  Do not plant trees too close together without allowing for growth. Also do not plant too close to the foundation or neighboring structures. Gently break apart the root ball.  This promotes good root growth.

Dig a hole at least twice the diameter and not deeper than the height of the root ball. Be sure that the root ball is level with or slightly above the surrounding soil. Water
thoroughly to settle the soil and keep plants moist for a few weeks after
planting. Fall is the best time to plant so get started now.

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