Pansies – Cool Weather Color

Pansies – (Viola x wittrockiana) were a symbol of remembrance in England’s mid 15th century and are now the most popular bedding annual for winter color  around the home.Pansies are considered a “hardy annual” due to their ability to withstand winter temperatures. Plant pansies in the fall [which is the ideal time to plant them] and you will have beautiful color through next spring.

How to plant. Choose a location that allows for part sun. Apply superphosphate, blood or bone meal to the soil prior to planting to encourage root development. Keep pansies looking fresh by deadheading the spent flowers. Just simply pick off the old blooms to allow the plant’s energy to focus on the new buds.

Pansies are excellent for containers and window boxes. When using containers, remember to water often to insulate the roots. They will also require more frequent fertilizing than those grown in beds. The more plants, the more color impact you will have.

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